Harding Lake Interior Camp Meeting

Members from the Fairbanks, North Pole, Delta Junction and Tok churches were once again abundantly blessed during the annual Interior Camp Meeting held at Harding Lake State Recreation Area, June 20–21.

Homer Trecartin, General Conference associate secretary and Adventist Volunteer Services director, was the featured speaker. During Friday evening's presentation he and his wife, Barbara, shared challenges and miracles experienced by Adventist believers in the former Soviet Union republics, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

In the middle of their talk, a downpour of rain temporarily interrupted proceedings. Attendees helped move equipment around to avoid drips from holes in the tent. Yet, after special prayer, the meeting continued without any further delays.

Those in attendance were grateful the rain subsided during the remainder of the weekend. Between musical presentations and choruses, they heard more stories of how God brings victory in the midst of difficulty — when evangelistic efforts don't yield hoped-for results or witnessing efforts seem to fall flat. Trecartin's message challenged everyone to move beyond fear of failure — to trust in God in preparing for Jesus' soon return.

November 01, 2009 / Alaska Conference