FYI - November 2009

What is the Hope Church Channel?

The Hope Church Channel is a supporting channel of the Hope Channel network and carries special event programming in North America such as conferences, training seminars, and camp meetings. It is on the same satellite (AMC 4) as the Hope Channel.

For instructions on how to tune your satellite receiver to get the Hope Church Channel, call (888) 4-HOPE-TV, (888) 446-7388. Or, you may write to, put the "Hope Church Channel" in the subject line, and submit your name, address, phone number and type of receiver. Instructions will be sent to you promptly.

In some cases it may be necessary to contact the company from which you purchased your system. To purchase a satellite system that receives the Hope Channel, Hope Church Channel, and other Christian television and radio networks, call the Adventist Satellite at (888) 393-HOPE or (888) 393-4673.

Schneider Undergoes Third Surgery

Don Schneider, North American Division president, is recovering after an August 31 surgery to drain a brain cyst. Physicians recommended the procedure following a routine medical review. The cyst has required Schneider to undergo two previous surgeries.

Schneider was discharged on September 4. At that point, doctors estimated several weeks of recuperation before Schneider could return to work and up to an additional month to resume travel.

ADRA Ranks Among Top Nonprofit Brands

The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100 report has listed the Adventist Development and Relief Agency as one of the 100 most valuable brand names among the 1.5 million nonprofit entities in the United States.

ADRA ranks 76th on the list, which includes such organizations as the YMCA, Salvation Army, Special Olympics and Boy Scouts of America. The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100 is the first public ranking to value nonprofit organizations on criteria that extends beyond financial standing. Research for the report includes potential for future growth, number of volunteers, amount of news-media coverage and the results of a nationally representative consumer perception survey. For more information, visit the ADRA Web site,

Adventists Rush Aid to Hard-Hit Areas

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is providing relief work in the wake of recent earthquakes and tsunamis in Samoa and Indonesia, and tropical storms in the Philippines.

Following a powerful earthquake and resulting tsunami in late September, students and staff of Samoa Adventist College were temporarily evacuated to a safer area. As of this printing, church leaders in the region reported five Adventists were killed after the tsunami hit. Four of these were children.

"Our thoughts are with those who are still missing, and their loved ones who are waiting to hear from them," says Barry Oliver, president for the church in the South Pacific region.

ADRA also worked through local Adventist Community Services agencies in the Northern Philippines to distribute emergency food supplies for more than a thousand families affected by tropical storms. Church leaders in the Central Luzon region estimate 5,000 Adventists were affected by the resulting floods. At least 10 of those are confirmed dead.

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