Children Fund Shoes for Congo Orphans

The children's Sabbath School classes at the North Cascade Adventist Church in Burlington, Wash., are mission focused.

In the past year, the Primary II class for grades three and four actively partnered with International Children's Care, an Adventist-run worldwide orphanage system. (Find out more at For their Sabbath School's mission emphasis, they earned money at home to provide shoes for orphaned children in ICC homes.

As the mission project grew, the students also began collecting toys, clothes, shoes and dry food. They received geography lessons, listened to guest speakers and tasted ethnic cuisine from the different countries represented by ICC.

Kallan Richards, a third-grade student, together with her family, sold special possessions and brought in $200 herself. "I wanted to help the other kids," she says.

Altogether, the students were able to earn $500.06 — enough for 25 pairs of shoes for children in ICC's Congo orphanage. Orphanage leaders say because of ongoing civil strife, minimal supplies are available. The shoe money from the North Cascade children came just in time to be of help.

November 01, 2009 / Washington Conference