Teeter-tottering Between Good and Evil

At age 14, I stepped in front of my father's rifle. He was pointing it and mumbling, "I'll kill any policeman who dares to come take me away." I jumped in front of him, and he threw his rifle down. Seconds later the police drove up and took dad away. That is one of my many painful childhood memories. My mother worked and sacrificed to provide the barest necessities. She taught us well, but I "teeter-tottered" between good and evil.

One day Walter Meske, Gem State Adventist Academy's principal at the time, came to visit. He invited me to GSAA and offered me a Worthy Student Scholarship. During my junior year at GSAA, I gave my heart to Jesus and my life took on a happiness and direction that is still with me 40 years later.

Today, as I look back, I am astounded, and humbled, by our God fearing, youth-loving faculty. If you supported the GSAA worthy student fund from 1965 to 1969 — thank you!

Today there are kids needing the safety our schools provide, the godly teachers who mentor them and Christian friends. Many will only be able to participate in Adventist education if you and I get involved. This school year, let's support our schools' worthy student scholarship funds. Together we can tip the teeter-totter in favor of heaven!

September 01, 2009 / Idaho Conference