Forest Grove K.I.D.S. Conduct Church Service

June 6, 2009, the Forest Grove (Ore.) Church was treated to partial participation in a lesson presented by the Kids in Discipleship class. After the children's choir finished presenting special music, the K.I.D.S. participants took the platform.

Dennis James, Forest Grove K.I.D.S program leader, asked the congregation to determine whether the statements he read were from the Bible or from another source. The church family was instructed to stand if they felt it was from the Bible and to remain seated if from another source. After each "vote" the correct source was shared. At the conclusion, James shared how important it was for each person to know the Bible and to discern the author of what we believe.

Ed Noyes, K.I.D.S Bible instructor, then led the class in a Bible study on "The Bible — It's The Truth!" Each young person was assigned a verse and asked to comment on what it meant. Projected overhead visual references allowed the audience to follow along.

K.I.D.S. is a small group experience designed to help parents and their children become active disciples for Jesus.

Contact the Oregon Conference for a location near you. For information on attending Forest Grove, please call Dennis James at (503) 357-8517.

September 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference