Eugene Korean Members Find Leper Colony Converts

Between June 23–July 2, HanSoo Kim, pastor of the Eugene (Ore.) Korean Church, and three elders traveled to Shandong Province of China. They visited two leper villages and baptized 65 new members.

Of the 65 baptized members, 11 were volunteers at the village, while 54 were lepers. Harvesting new souls was made possible by the seeding and nurturing by 75-year-old Uk-Kwon Kim and the Helping Hands missionary volunteers.

There are at least 200,000 reported lepers in China. As in biblical times, people in China fear lepers and ultimately abandon them, leaving them on their own to survive. Kim obtained more than 1200 names and the locations of lepers from Chinese government authorities. Helping to love and care for these lepers has opened their hearts, as well as the people in their communities.

Your prayerful support is greatly needed by Helping Hands. For more information, contact James Lee, pastor, or Ken Shou of the Eugene Korean Church.

September 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference