A Pair of Baptisms at Cedar Creek

On May 30, the Cedar Creek Church in Woodland, Wash., celebrated the baptisms of Rick Pollard and Josh Lilly. Both men shared with church members how the Holy Spirit led them to make this decision.

Pollard was originally baptized in 1979, but, as he describes it, he “ran away from God.” He found himself struggling with alcohol and drugs. “I prayed that God would take me away from it,” says Pollard. Soon after, a logging accident left him paralyzed. While Pollard was confined at home he began watching 3ABN and Hope Channel programming via satellite. “It just made sense to me,” says Pollard. “I knew I needed to start going to church.” Pollard found his way to the Cedar Creek Church and decided to be re-baptized.

Lilly, a U.S. Marine, felt the Holy Spirit prompting him as he prepared for an overseas tour of duty. “I just felt like I was heading toward the wrong path,” says Lilly. “I needed God in my life.” Lilly contacted Marty Jackson, Cedar Creek Church pastor, and requested Bible studies.

“Anytime someone makes a decision like this we know God has been at work in their life,” says Jackson.

After Lilly’s baptism, John Littlefield, retired Cedar Creek Church pastor and former member of the U.S. Navy, presented him with a serviceman’s kit prepared by the General Conference.

August 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference

CJ Anderson, Cedar Creek Church member