Gladstone Rejoices with Amazing Discovery Baptisms

The Gladstone Park Church held the three-week evangelistic series, Amazing Discoveries Journey into Eternity, April 17–May 2. Thirty-three students from the Mission College of Evangelism assisted in the series.

Mark Wilson, presenter, says, "The response I got from visitors was very favorable, and church members said they enjoyed the approach using archaeology and history to show Bible truths." Students were thrilled to see the decisions for baptisms as a result of their labor.

After a one-day training session for students and church members in February, conducted by Justin Howard, former college administrator, teams went door to door with Bible surveys.

Bob Uhrig, pastor, says, "I really appreciated the hard work that students and church members did in visiting people in the community."

In one such experience, Benjamin Middaugh, student, and Doug Woods, church member, were asked to come into a home. They met a family who were interested in studying the Bible. "Would you like to come back and have dinner with us so we can become better acquainted?" the head of the household asked. Middaugh and Woods not only agreed, but invited the family which had a Catholic and Lutheran background, to come to the meetings.

At the end of the meetings church members rejoiced with four baptisms and are moving ahead with plans for 20 more through the summer.

August 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference