Spokane Valley Portrays Journey to the Cross

Nearly 3,000 people attended Journey to the Cross, an outdoor Easter pageant presented by the Spokane Valley Adventist Church, April 10–12. In its second year, the pageant attendance more than doubled that of last year.

Many miracles took place. One miracle occurred when Larry Johnson, a newly baptized Valley Church member, cut off his finger making props for the program. He was rushed to the hospital with little hope of saving it. The next day, blood was circulating through the finger and it was pink and healthy.

Groups of 25 to 30 people were escorted by two church members who explained the scenes the guests were about to witness. Carol Bryan, an escort, told of several people who asked her if these events had really happened. They had never heard of such a thing. One lady from Moses Lake was astonished at what she was hearing and came back the next evening bringing several friends.

The owner of the company where the Journey to the Cross t-shirts were made was intrigued by the pageant and encouraged his employees and his customers to attend.

Under the direction of Richie Brower, the program involved nearly 200 individuals. Members from seven Adventist churches (in addition to the Valley Church) and several non-church members participated. Musical numbers were performed every evening in the church sanctuary while people waited to take the "journey."

Advertising on 21 Spokane city buses helped promote the program, and 400 personal invitations were mailed to Spokane area pastors as well. But the majority of people came as a result of personal invitations. Plans are in progress for next year's pageant.