PAES Welcomes Pastor Pat Milligan

Portland Adventist Elementary School welcomed Pat Milligan, pastor, to the campus for a Week of Prayer April 27–May 1. Milligan arrived this past school year to assume pastoral leadership of the Lents Adventist Church in Portland, Ore. This was his first series of presentations on the campus.

Milligan's theme was Destination Heaven. He inspired students to view Heaven as a place to live forever with their friend Jesus. They will romp with the animals, be re-created with new bodies, and experience everlasting joy. They do not have to be afraid. Their "ticket" to Heaven is the acceptance of Jesus as a personal Savior.

Students responded favorably to his presentations, and to his invitation to join him in Heaven. Nathanial says, "I will do everything to tell and warn everybody I know. I'm already getting a good start with my friends on our street. Nothing will keep me away from God." Several students are planning to be baptized.

July 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference