PAA Students Find Service Impacts Hearts

Before graduation, Portland Adventist Academy held its first all-school service day. The entire student body, staff, parents and community members participated in the event.

Volunteers were divided into 25 groups and sent to various locations and organizations around the Portland area. They pulled weeds for a cancer patient on chemo, sorted food and clothing at Portland Adventist Community Services, painted a deck for an elderly woman, built a wheel chair ramp for a neighbor and much more.

In total, it's estimated 1,750 hours of work were completed during the day. "That is the equivalent work of one person working full time for an entire year," says Greg Phillips, PAA chaplain. But it was more than that. "There was a real energy on campus when we got back and talked about our experiences. We've already picked out a date for next year's event."

The hard work made an impact on people's hearts as well. "For two hours I didn't even think I had cancer," says an anonymous recipient of the event. "The kids were just such a joy to be around, and I actually felt normal again. The guys did a good job on my house. It hasn't looked this good since my diagnosis. It just makes me feel good to have a house that looks pretty again."

July 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference