Orofino Holds Gardening Seminar

David Stottlemyer, former La Sierra University agriculture instructor, shared with more than 70 gardeners and potential gardeners how to maximize the gardening experience Sunday afternoon, April 26, at the Orofino (Idaho) Adventist Church fellowship room.

Drawing from his research, teaching and experience, Stottlemyer shared how gardening is an extension of his walk with God and part of being a steward of God's resources.

Stottleymer dealt with the topics of getting started, soil fertility and pest control along with the concept of intensive spacing of garden plants. This method not only keeps the weeds down but allows for more plants in the same plot. He also shared the concept of "double digging"—a method of preparing the soil for greater production. Those attending enjoyed a soup and salad supper prepared by health ministries. Each person left with tomato plants for transplanting.

Stottlemyer, his wife, Cheryl, and daughters, Jolene and Kayla, reside in Kooskia, Idaho, where they maintain a flourishing garden for personal enjoyment as well as a surplus for sale. If you want to know what is meant by "double digging" go to www.harvest4life.com.