Did You Know - July 2009

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Oh What a Day

Looking for extra reasons to celebrate? Aside from Independence Day, here are some other unique holidays observed in July:

1: Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

3: Compliment Your Mirror Day

7: Chocolate Day

11: Cheer up the Lonely Day

19: National Raspberry Cake Day

20: Ugly Truck Day

24: Cousin's Day

27: Take Your Plants for a Walk Day

Adventist Education: Unusual Educators

Joy Duerksen, Redlands (Calif.) Academy PE, health and geography teacher is also a champion mountain bike racer. She rides up to 200 miles per week and races as a professional for Trek Bicycles.

Mike Copithorne, Napa (Calif.) Christian School junior high teacher, refused to let a snowboarding accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down get the best of him. Read more about these stories and the value of Adventist education at www.nadeducation.org.

Adventist Education, Personal Value

After school my grandson, Gage, and I walked across the pasture to see a friend that had just arrived with her horse. The horse bumped his head getting out of the trailer, and it was bleeding a little. We helped put medication on it. On the way back across the pasture, Gage stopped and said, "Grandma, we should pray for Majesty so he will get healed." I was so surprised and pleased. In the middle of the pasture, we stood with hands folded and Gage prayed for the horse and its owner.

This is one of the reasons we do anything we can to keep him in an Adventist school. Even though we have prayer at home, it works better when children learn about it in school.

A letter shared by Holley Bryant, Hood View Junior Academy principal. Read more about the comprehensive value of Adventist education in this month’s feature.

For the Win

The 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee took an abruptly Christian turn when Kavya Shivashankar, a participant from Olathe, Kan., was asked to spell Laodicean in the 16th round. Shivashankar correctly spelled the word and won the event. Read Revelation 3:14–22 to find out more about the Laodicean Church.

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