Women Fund Meals for Orphans

June 01, 2009

Zimbabwe is wracked with crises: 90 percent unemployment, drought, disease, infrastructure breakdown and starvation.

In this environment, Paula Leen, missionary, seeks to provide food, medical care and love to orphaned children.

Three years ago, Wilma Bing, Washington Conference women's ministries director, met Leen and heard her story of feeding starving orphans. Bing decided to feature Leen's ministry and ask for financial support during the annual Women's Spring Day event in Auburn, Wash.

In two years, western Washington women raised $18,716 to fund the shipment of 270,864 meals (a joint venture with World Concern, Feed My Starving Children, and the Agathos Foundation); another $8,000 was raised this year.

Women's Ministries will be collecting change during the Washington Adventist Camp Meeting in June to help feed orphaned children.