Old-fashioned Camp Meeting Miracles at Sheridan Meadows

June 01, 2009 | Shirley Holmes

Old-fashioned camp meeting goers may be a rare breed, but they are not extinct. For 24 years, hardy souls drove into the wilderness to enjoy the Northeast Washington Camp Meeting, held on rented ground. Then three years ago the Lord opened the way for constituents to purchase a beautiful 55-acre golf course about three miles west of Republic, Wash. And the miracles began.

There was insufficient potable water for 29 camp sites so a well was drilled. The results were devastating: less than 2 gallons per minute. The members of the eight constituent churches prayed, the well was hydro-fractured and the output went to more than 15 gallons per minute—an increase rarely witnessed, according to the people doing the hydro-fracturing.

It was a good feeling to own the land and have a good well, but there were no restroom or shower facilities. A septic system large enough to meet the needs of several hundred campers would cost $56,000. Again the constituents prayed, the funds came in, and the system was installed at Thanksgiving time last fall just before the heavy snows of winter.

Now everyone is working and praying at least one bathhouse can be built before camp meeting this summer. "Everyone" includes the members of the Colville, Chewelah, Grand Coulee, Inchelium, Ione, Kettle Falls, Northport and Republic Churches.

In any case, a convocation is scheduled for July 29 to Aug. 1, even if that means going forward with portable toilets and meeting under a large cargo parachute as has been done for the past two years. Anyone who has a bit of the pioneer spirit still coursing through their veins is welcome to join us. Contact Shirley Holmes at (509) 935-4055 for more information.