Milo Students Share Real-Time Jesus

June 01, 2009 | Amy Deming

Student week of prayer gave Daniel Dahlman III a new perspective on his fellow students. "God has done amazing things in their lives," he says. Rianne Margart adds, "I really liked that kids went up and spoke. It was easier for me to understand because I know where they’re coming from."

Real-Time Jesus was the theme for Milo Adventist Academy’s Feb. 23–27 week of prayer. Eric Wagner, student chaplain, selected students to speak in the morning and evening meetings, and the presenters used a January weekend retreat to prepare and plan. Wagner says, "The team wanted to show how Christ applied to their lives and to the lives of their audience members."

Doug Barahona was one of the students brave enough to stand in front of his peers. He retold the David and Goliath story and compared the situation to his own life. He says, "I honestly don’t think it was just me up there saying those words; I think God was."

During the week, the campus was hit with an outbreak of the flu and cold. "However, despite the devil’s efforts in the form of sickness, many people stepped in to continue the blessing that God had in mind for our school," Jeff Deming, campus pastor and school chaplain, says.

Madeline Anderson summarizes: "I really appreciated the student leadership this week. It was beneficial to me to hear the stories of young people and their experience with God—and to view that there are more Godly people on campus than just the handful that normally stand up front. I was moved by the way they supported each other."