Man Fixes Baptistery Before Being Baptized

June 01, 2009 | Laurie Loomis

The Ontario (Ore.) Church has had several baptisms since moving into their new church.

However each had to be done under difficult conditions. Members and another who wanted to be a member began a project to improve the situation.

Frank Felder was born in France and was living in Boise, Idaho, when he suffered a car-bicycle accident leaving him in a comma for three months. Felder recovered and moved to Ontario. He wanted to look up the Adventist church. He was happy to learn he was welcome and soon felt at home. Felder likes to help where he can and so he helped repair the baptistery, painting and doing carpenter work.

It was with joy the Ontario congregation witnessed the baptism of Felder in March.

Hopefully there will be many more to follow.