Gem State Honors Mr. Blue

June 01, 2009 | Linda Klinger

At the recent Gem State Adventist Academy homecoming, Ray Blue received a standing ovation as Steve McPherson, Idaho Conference president, presented him with the Distinguished Service Award.

Blue first began devising algebra problems, plotting geometry excursions, and engineering physics experiments for GSAA students in the fall of 1970. During his 22-year tenure he watched seven principals come and go. He rode the enrollment roller coaster as it plunged from 200 students down to 100. And stayed with it until, by the time he retired, it was back up to the 190s.

After retiring from teaching, Blue continued to serve GSAA. He served on the operating board for 13 years, as the alumni association treasurer for two years, and as a member of the Scholarship Golf Tournament planning committee for four years. The award recognizes Blue for more than four decades of faithful service.

Brenda (Hoag) Reynolds, class of '73, and former student from Kailua, Hawaii, remembers Blue: "I was NOT the most intelligent person in Mr. Blue's class," she says. "He knew it. I knew it. My grades proved it! However, Mr. Blue had a special quality and skill that made each and every student believe in themselves. Whenever they needed to talk or share, his talent was to listen—as if you were the ONLY person that day who needed him. I thank the Lord for Ray Blue!"