This 96-Year-Old is Serious About Evangelism

June 01, 2009 | Patty Nicholas

Leona Miller, a 96-year-old member of the Canyonville (Ore.) Church has found her niche in evangelism. About three years ago, she began handing out copies of The Great Controversy at store fronts, ladies' rooms and sitting areas.

Miller says, ā€œI started doing this because Iā€™m nearly blind now and I thought if I could just get the courage to speak to someone, maybe I could be a part of spreading the gospel.ā€

Some of her favorite items to hand out now are The Great Controversy, Steps to Christ and, more recently, Amazing Facts DVDs. People gladly receive them. Rarely has she been turned down and recently she even had a call back for more books to read.

The Canyonville Church is active in evangelism. Last year they conducted three evangelistic series with plans for two more series to be presented this year. Four people just came back from a successful mission trip to Honduras. The church is also actively seeking the purchase of a local radio station. And yes, they are proud of Miller making a difference in South Douglas County.