Son Takes the Pulpit

May 01, 2009 | Willard Santee

Kelly Santee took the pulpit of his father, Willard Santee, pastor, and held a revival series for Seventh-day Adventists in the Post Falls, Idaho, district in March. The young Santee is president and founder of Santee's Granola, Inc., a cereal industry operating on the Upper Columbia Academy campus.

Previously Santee served at Gem State Academy as food service director. During those years, Santee's passion for writing and research of biblical history and prophecy led him to compile a manuscript entitled Daniel Speaks.

It was from his manuscript that Kelly drew studies for his revival series. His presentations covered key issues from Daniel, not only tied into historic Adventists roots, but also to the positive future of the worldwide Advent movement.

Attendees were both enriched and refreshed by his in-depth revelations and insights. Even Santee's father says he was willing to step aside again in order to be spiritually fed by one "who has taken time to be with Jesus."