A Roof for Lorraine

Do good things everywhere you go. "After a while the good you do will return to help you" Ecclesiastes 11:1 (The Everyday Bible).

Over the years, Lorraine Enos, member of the Irrigon (Ore.) Church, has contributed to countless church and community projects. But when she discovered water coming through the roof of her house, she decided to just put a tarp over it. However, her nephew Dennis Hauner and wife Sylvia decided to help with a more permanent solution. They contacted friends and family, who began making donations and sponsoring yard sales.

Examining the roof revealed more work was needed, so Hauner coordinated efforts to replace insulation and siding.

Once these preparatory jobs were complete, carpenters, contractors and other workers from the Irrigon, Hermiston and Anchor Point churches converged on the project. Old shingles went flying. New shingles were nailed down. In one day of concentrated work, the new roof was in place.

Lorraine Enos watched the project with delight and thankfulness for God's provision and family and friends who were willing to help. Her friends repeat, "After a while the good you do will return to help you."

April 01, 2009 / Upper Columbia Conference