News for April 2009

Acción ¡Iglesia de Gresham se organiza como grupo!

April 01, 2009

Los miembros de la iglesia adventista de Gresham celebraron un día de fiesta espiritual el sábado 9 de enero del 2009. Después de algunos años como grupo, la conferencia de Oregon los organizo como Compañía, con más de 100 personas presentes. El pastor Ricardo Torres, recientemente asignado a este distrito, dio Gloria a Dios por lo que Él ha hecho. Esta nueva iglesia es parte del movimiento de plantar iglesias de la Conferencia de Oregon, donde en el 2008 5 nuevas congregaciones se organizaron.

FYI - April 2009

April 01, 2009

AdventSource Launches New Site

AdventSource is pleased to announce AdventSource v2.0, a new Web site for all your ministry needs. With the merger of AdventSource and PlusLine Web sites, AdventSource v2.0 blends their resources with PlusLine's information and event registration. Visit and search by your ministry today.

SEEDS 2009

Forgiving Isn't Easy Professors Conclude Forgiveness Research

April 01, 2009

Jesus told us we are to forgive 70 times seven—in other words, a whole lot! But is it really that simple?

Pastoral and counseling experiences with people who have trouble forgiving others indicate knowing what Jesus said about our need to forgive does not necessarily enable people to forgive.

"This often results in tremendous guilt and questioning of one's spiritual health," says Darold Bigger, professor of theology and social work at Walla Walla University.

Emergency Enthusiast Comes Home

April 01, 2009 / Shawna Malvini

Even as a young boy, Eric Swanson had emergency medicine in his blood.

When his mom moved the family to Tillamook, Ore., in 1973, to be the nurse anesthetist at what is now Tillamook County General Hospital, Swanson spent a lot of time observing emergencies at the facility.

Young Adults Encounter God in Seattle

April 01, 2009 / Stephanie Campbell

An Adventist-sponsored event called "Relentless," which is part of a larger movement called GODencounters, was held in late January at the University of Washington in Seattle, Wash. Attendance was nearly 200 on Sabbath morning. Jeff Gang, GODencounters co-founder, prayed the program would be a "catalyst for deep, personal experiences with God, not an act or a program, but an everyday, every moment way of living."

Kent Renovation Whacked Into Action

April 01, 2009 / Sally Herigstad

The Kent (Wash.) Church raised money for their church renovation and kicked off the long-awaited project by selling the rights for the first whack at the wall. It was much like a groundbreaking, but instead it was a wall breaking. The wall between the vestibule and the sanctuary will be removed.

Lacey Burns Promissory Note

April 01, 2009 / Rob Aaron

The Lacey (Wash.) Church has paid off the debt on Tuttle Hall, the church's fellowship hall, and celebrated with a public burning of the promissory note during a recent church service.

Members borrowed $110,000 toward expenses of $380,000 to build the fellowship hall. When Washington Conference's building appropriation fund was unfrozen last year, thanks to a tithe blessing, Lacey received a grant for $38,000.