Shelton Opens Child Care Center

March 01, 2009

Shelton Valley Christian School, established in 1901, is a small elementary school that has faced its ups and downs in enrollment over the years yet continued its commitment to educating young people.

A vision for creating a child development center for children ages six weeks to 12 years of age emerged as the Shelton Church brainstormed ways to better sustain the school.

In a series of miracles, the church purchased a three-building facility next to the existing church and school campus, hired personnel, obtained permitting and licensure, renovated the first building in six week's time, networked in the community and prayed for 30 children.

"As a church, our mission is to serve and educate families," says Jennifer Scott, pastor. "We also believe that the more we strengthen our small schools, the stronger our Adventist Christian education system will be."

Shelton Valley Christian Child Development Center has expanded beyond expectations, growing to serve 100 children since opening in September 2008 and continuing to grow. In addition, Shelton Valley Christian School doubled in number this academic year.

"As a church, we've been changed by this experience," says Scott. "Many times we've been flattened to our knees in prayer. And one step at a time, God opened the doors and has blessed in a mighty way."

Quality child care is the first step, Scott says, in serving the local community. The church is also planning to launch lifestyle and parenting seminars, while expanding facilities for current growth.