Whipple Creek Youth Raise Money

The Whipple Creek Church in Ridgefield, Wash., has been eagerly anticipating the day when they have an occupancy permit in hand and can walk into their new sanctuary and begin holding services. However, fulfilling all of the requirements for the permit has taken time and resources, and they still are waiting to complete it. The classrooms are completed and in use, and the original Ridge Dell Sanctuary is remodeled and used as the main sanctuary. Whipple Creek was formed when the Hazel Dell and Ridge Dell churches joined. It has worked well and benefited both groups. The goal was to do as much of the work as possible, and not incur any more debt than needed.

Recently, the church's monthly newsletter had an article about the money needed to meet the county's requirements. Jamie Houtchens, a 14-year-old girl, read about it and with her mother Shelly, decided on a plan to raise money. Jamie is an accomplished pianist and sings and plays in a bell choir. So she took the lead in persuading her friends to join her in this endeavor. The group had a two-week time span to plan, practice, and present their concert. Not everyone's schedule allowed them to participate and the night chosen for their program had to be changed because of a conflict with a previously scheduled Pathfinder event.

In spite of setbacks, the event was a huge success. When the offering was counted and reported at the close of the program, over $2,530 was collected. The look on Jamie's face and the stars in her eyes were thanks enough to those who gave.

February 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference