Students Raise Breast Cancer A-wear-ness

February 01, 2009 | Alex Palmer

Puget Sound Adventist Academy students are taking the opportunity to raise money and awareness about breast cancer. Every Thursday, students are wearing pink shirts.

To raise money, the school finds a sponsor or sponsors who are willing to donate a predefined sum of money for every person who wears a pink shirt on “Pink Shirt Thursday.”

Pink Shirt Thursday has spawned some other great ideas too. For instance, Robert Wheeling, science teacher, thought students should order pink polos to sell on Thursdays to any one who didn’t have a pink shirt. The money from the sales would be used to support the whole project.

Howard Munson, Bible teacher, thought it would be possible to tell other schools across America about the project. “This thing could catch on like the LIVESTRONG wrist bands,” says Munson.

The whole idea behind the project is to connect everybody by encouraging them to wear a color they might not ordinarily wear. Munson says, “It gives them a chance to think of somebody besides themselves.”

Students at PSAA have caught on to a-wear-ness fundraisers and hope to spread this fundraising project nationwide, noting that the “shirt project” can be used to support any cause.