ShareHIM With Shared Pulpits

February 01, 2009 | Richard Cook

At the 2008 Oregon Camp Meeting, Robert Folkenberg encouraged local churches to use his media presentation ShareHIM. Two local church members decided to take up the challenge: Jim Reynolds, small groups and Bible study leader at the Gladstone Park Church, and Gina Stark, Sabbath School superintendent from the same church.

The meetings were held daily, except for Wednesdays and Sundays at the Gladstone Park Church Oct. 20, through Nov. 8, 2008. The presenters were Reynolds and Stark.

"All in all, the ShareHIM program is a very spiritual experience for everyone involved.” Reynolds remarks. “I've found that my own walk with God is strengthened even more."

"I read through a few of the Power Point slides and thought it wouldn't be too bad, but little did I realize all the time and effort it would be. It was all worth it when my husband said the meetings drew him closer to Jesus," Stark adds.

There were more than 20 people who were not church members who came to the meetings and several who are joining in Bible study groups. Ingrid Whitbeck, church member, says, "If I would have known how good the ShareHIM meetings were, I would have invited more people." As it was, she and her husband Jim have been bringing a guest to church, who attended all the meetings.

"Well," Shawn Feather says, "I have been unclear about what the true Sabbath is, and the speakers cleared that up for me. I'm planning to be baptized."

Bob Uhrig, pastor, says he appreciated the support the congregation gave in coming to the meetings.