Pacific Press Sets Up Library At Mexico Orphanage

Maria Clara likes to read. Abraham loves to ride his bike. Ramiro wants to become a policeman, while Gabriela studies hard and dreams of becoming a psychologist. For the orphans at Hacienda Navojoa, Mexico, these aspirations just became a little more attainable, thanks to the vision and hard work of volunteers from Pacific Press Publishing Association.

Chuck Bobst, vice president for Pacific Press production and mission outreach organizer, recently returned from a mission trip to Mexico. Along with his team, Bobst decided to create a library for the children, including a well-equipped study center. With computers donated by Pacific Press, and hundreds of books also donated by Pacific Press and others, these modern-day missionaries worked hard, installing shelving, desks, computers and wireless access.

"Once you've been on a mission trip," says Harold Curtis, "you understand what draws you back again and again. It is the people." And although there is always more to be done, with God's blessing and the hard work of the mission team, the orphans at Hacienda Navojoa now have a few more tools to help them become what God has called them to be.

For information regarding mission trips, you can contact the Office of Adventist Mission at the General Conference at (301) 680-6005 or find out more at

February 01, 2009 / Idaho Conference