Medford Church Celebrates Marriage

Dan McCulloch, Medford Church senior pastor, recently made a discovery. He and his wife, Mary, with a little bit of investigating, found there were 12 couples in the church who have been married 60 years or more. In celebration of these milestones, on Sabbath, Oct. 18, 2008, a DVD prepared by Mary was presented to the church. Each couple also received a beautiful flower bouquet. McCulloch's sermon, Match Made in Heaven, celebrated everyone's commitment to marriage, bringing back memories, warm chuckles and some tears.

The couples are Eugene and Gladys (Johnson) Burrill, 70 years; Leonard and Bernice Yost, 70 years; Jim and Jeanette (Van Vliet) Ayer, 65 years; Delbert and Elaine (Akerman) Hill, 64 years; William and Dorothea Bom, 62 years; Keith and Nelda (Mitchell) Bristlin, 61 years; Merlin and JoAnn (Bratcher) Fjarli, 60 years; ‘Blondie' and Doreen (Black) Rolf, 60 years; Clarence and Betty (Cady) Hayward, 60 years; Charles and Kathryn (Cain) Marris, 60 years; Bruce and Marianette (Wilcox) Johnston, 60 years; and Dean and Betty (Woolven) Tall, 60 years.

When asked, "To what do you attribute to such a long marriage?" the immediate responses were big smiles and self-conscious laughter (especially the wives!). Also, "What counsel would you give to an engaged couple today?" The answers were often parallel. "Love the Lord, make Him the third party, nourish your faith together, prayer in all things, deep love and friendship for one another, total commitment and good communication, patience, agree to disagree, work together, value your marriage, say ‘I love you' several times a day, never go to bed angry, never consider divorce an option." Some favorite quotes were: "Hang in there!" "Bend like the wind" and "Yes, dear!"

The couples are an inspiration, a joy and an encouragement to all.

February 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference