Christmas Program Comes Alive

Mary Lee Campbell, choir member, waited for the director to give the cue. The Anchorage Northside Church had practiced and prepared for weeks for this Christmas program. This year celebrated Campbell's 87th year. She has been active in the church for many years teaching child and adult Sabbath School classes, singing in the choir and greeting.

Campbell has lived in Alaska for more than 60 years, raised her family and recently celebrated her 66th wedding anniversary. As she has done so many times before, she sat, ready to give praise for the birth of Jesus as celebrated in the Christmas program.

Waiting in the wings of the church were Kristi and Aaron Jordan with their infant daughter, Hannah. The two agreed to be realistic representatives of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. "I found myself thinking what it would have been like to be Mary," says Kristi. "I think I would have held Jesus the whole time. I don't think I would have wanted to lay Him in the manger."

The program, written and directed by Cheryl Dunn, member, included an adult and children's choir, as well as a narrative.

February 01, 2009 / Alaska Conference