Vale Pathfinders Conduct Induction and Investiture

January 01, 2009 | Diane Pritchard

In one service, Vale Explorers Pathfinder Club conducted their Pathfinder Sabbath, Investiture and Induction ceremonies on Oct. 25. Three Eager Beavers were inducted into the Adventurer Club, and four new Pathfinders were inducted into the Vale Explorers Club. The year we have two Eager Beavers, nine Adventurers and seven Pathfinders. Shown in the photo is the Vale Adventurer Club under the direction of Cheri DeLa Rosa. Front row from left: Riley Bradford, Summer Gonzales, Sierra Davis, Katrina Dela Rosa and Kaylee Bradford. Back row from left: Josie Clark, Cody Davis, Jeremy Jones and Madison Clark. The Vale Explorers Pathfinder Club, front row from left: Micah Martinez, Seth Clark, Sandy Jenson and Hannah Martinez. Back row from left: Rodney Clark, director; Fritz Heid; Judy Clark, deputy director; Zack Clark; and Vern Pritchard, club advisor.