Thanksgiving Miracle Blesses Juneau School

Every one-room teacher knows the challenges of fund raising, budgets, and stretching every dollar. And the dreams you have for your school—a paved parking lot, a paint job and more. My dreams included desperately needed new front doors and new playground equipment.

As Juneau Adventist Christian School planned the 2008–09 budget, we chose a conservative figure of $3,000 for our annual auction. After having it at the end of January for several years, we decided to switch to November so we could complete the fund raiser before the Christmas rush and after Permanent Fund checks.

As the night arrived, several of our generous supporters were out of town and several student families were gone or unable to be there. The economy's flat, PFD checks came early, and as we watched the tiny crowd, my treasurer, board chair and I were heartsick. We prayed together a second time, knowing God has never let us down. He has met our budget every year, and we couldn't believe He would forget us now.

The auction ended, and the total came in: $3,062! We knew we had seen God's hand at work, especially with so few people. As I left for the night, my heart was still heavy, though, because our Sabbath sermon kept coming back: "Oh, you of little faith." Why hadn't we asked for $10,000? Or $20,000? Why was I not taking God at His word that He would open heaven's doors for His kids?

Imagine my total surprise the following Monday when I received a phone call from Julie Wright at our local Home Depot. She told me they had a store playground display that they needed to get rid of, and asked if we would like it! Wright, Bob Bonavich, of Roadway Reverse Logistics, and Greg Arneson, of Playcore, worked with Troy Wolfenbarger, local manager, to arrange the gift and delivery of over $11,000 worth of equipment. With tears of joy and a grin that split my face, I heard His words again, "Oh, you of little faith!"

January 01, 2009 / Alaska Conference