PSAA Seniors Start New Music Ministry

January 01, 2009 | Jeremy Mumu

Derek Dizon, a senior at Puget Sound Adventist Academy, dreamed of creating a small a cappella group. Five months after he first started his plans, En Voice gave their first performance during a school chapel.

Music is an important component of education at Puget Sound Adventist Academy, and many students are involved in school groups such as the general choir and Impact Chorale. En Voice brought together six familiar voices to present a new style and tone of music.

The first performance gave the group confidence for their second performance at Kirkland Adventist Church. As they performed, the classmates of En Voice watched the audiences' reaction to their friends' performance.

"I saw the Holy Spirit at work as I watched the faces of the singers and as the reaction of the audience," observes Ellie Manley, senior. "I saw appreciation and excitement that I hadn't seen in a long time."

En Voice members are Derek Dizon, baritone and group founder; Erik Jensen, bass; Jeremy Mumu, tenor; Meghan Kay, soprano; Kierron-de' Brown, second soprano; and Anna Hardesty, alto.

The a cappella group continues to perform at school outreach programs, school events, Bible camps, and other events. As these senior singers enjoy their final year, they are planning to leave a great impression of Jesus on their community.