Plant Refuses to Grow on Sabbath

After many years of praying for his grandfather, Jonathan Chitwood, a theology student at Southern Adventist University, had the privilege of assisting in his grandfather's baptism on Oct. 18, 2008, at the Mountain Home Church. This was a special request by his 82-year-old grandfather, Howard Chitwood.

Several months earlier, Howard had been examining his life and felt convicted God was asking him to be baptized in public. His decision was also influenced after watching the DVD lectures by Walter Veith, professor of Amazing Discoveries. His family first learned of his interest when Chitwood, who grows luffas and measures their growth every day, came in to report his luffa had kept the Sabbath because it had grown an inch on Friday and another inch on Sunday, but not at all on Saturday! Therefore, he decided, if his plant kept the Sabbath he should too. Dan Nelson, pastor, officiated during the baptism.

January 01, 2009 / Idaho Conference