Milton-Stateline School God Squad Brings Light to the Community

Freshly baked cookies, warm smiles and news about God’s love—just a small part of what Milton-Stateline School seventh- and eighth-grade students recently shared door to door around the school.

Dubbed the God Squad—students are participating in community outreach projects led by Twila Brown, vice principal and eighth-grade teacher. Students and parents baked dozens of cookies, packaged with friendly notes and invitations to attend upcoming school events. The cookie bags also included a few pieces of gospel literature telling of God’s love.

The squad divided into several groups and visited homes surrounding the school. “People thought we were asking for donations,” says Brown. “They were so surprised to see we were there to give instead. One woman was so touched she gave every student a jar of honey from her farm.”

Students enjoyed meeting neighbors and handing out cookie bags. "It was very cool to go out and meet our neighbors and share Jesus with them!" says Kaylynn Hall, eighth grade student.

"In fact, students are so enthusiastic about the God Squad that they’re planning to make the next outing a service event to help rake leaves or winterize homes," says Brown.

January 01, 2009 / Upper Columbia Conference