Heritage Group Seeks Stories and Memorabilia

At Gem State Adventist Academy a new group is forming with the goal of preserving the heritage of this "light on the hill." More important even than preservation of the school's 91-year history is making it meaningful in today's world. Often in the press of day-to-day operations, the events, people and sacrifices that have made an institution what it is are all but lost.

Over the years various individuals have sent information and memorabilia to the school. But there has been no systematic, coordinated effort to preserve the school's heritage from year to year. With a firm belief that the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy support their work, five alumni—the Heritage Connection—have assumed the challenge of collecting, organizing and making accessible the many stories and artifacts that illustrate God's purpose and power through Gem State Adventist Academy.

This resource will create an important tool for guiding and encouraging students, faculty, parents, and church members in the daily hard work of keeping a small boarding school operating. The group also wants to reach out to the greater community to create awareness of what GSAA contributes to education and life in southwestern Idaho's Treasure Valley.

Please pray for the Heritage Connection. Also, if you have stories, information about alumni accomplishments, memorabilia, pictures or other items that might add interest to the GSA Heritage Room, please send them to Linda Klinger, 16115 S. Montana Ave., Caldwell, ID 83607 or phone her at 208-459-1627.

January 01, 2009 / Idaho Conference

Marie (Logan) Stratton, Heritage Connection chairperson