Up, Up, and Away

I call to God,

I cry to God to help me.

From his palace he hears my call;

my cry brings me right into his presence—

a private audience!

—Psalm 18:6, The Message

It was a cloudy and cold Tuesday morning October 28, 2008. All of the Rogue Valley Adventist School students were gathered outside in the courtyard. Each had a helium balloon with a praise or a prayer request written on the outside with colorful markers.

The purpose of this fun activity was to metaphorically let go of our sins. After we got together in a tight circle, several students volunteered to pray. And then at the count of three, we let go of the balloons. This action symbolically told us how to let go of our sins—we just have to pray and give all of it to God.

It was a lot of fun letting go of the balloons and looking up as they floated toward heaven until we could see them no more. It brought me joy to watch the balloons fly away and realize just how easy it is to let God take all our worries away.

January 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference

An anonymous RVAS middle schooler