AAA Faculty Honored in Parade

John Neumann, Auburn Adventist Academy choral director for 18 years, was honored for his military service on Nov. 8, 2008, in the Auburn Veterans Day Parade.

It was noted to be the largest Veterans Day Parade west of the Mississippi with more than 1,500 participants. Neumann was selected to represent non-combatant veterans who have faithfully served their country.

"At one point during the parade, a fellow veteran stepped off the curb and shook my hand," says Neumann. "It was very meaningful to me."

Neumann, who served as a medic for 11 months during the Vietnam War with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade was not only responsible for the health of 40–50 people in his platoon, but also saw action as he worked to save lives on the battlefield.

"Technically, I shouldn't be here," says Neumann, recalling the sound of bullets around him as he jumped into the midst of the fray. "I still remember my prayer; 'It's you and me, Lord!'" says Neumann as he recounted the moments that would later award him a Silver Star.

It's that same dependence on God that has taken Neumann and wife Janet to Southern California, Pennsylvania, Singapore and Washington. Dedicated to Adventist education with nearly 40 years of teaching music to his credit, Neumann's zeal for Christ is evident.

"My passion has been making music live—the words live; presenting it in such a way that it has an impact on the heart of the singer and the listener."

January 01, 2009 / Washington Conference