World News Briefs December 2008


Traveling Bible Promotes Scripture Study

A Bible is traveling around the world in anticipation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s 2010 General Conference session. Written in 66 languages, the Bible began its journey in Manila, Philippines, during the 2008 Annual Council. It will travel to six continents and is scheduled to be read in scripture rallies, villages, hospitals and universities.

SOURCE: Adventist News Network


Adventists Celebrate 100 Years

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Adventist church in Slovenia, and hundreds of members have marked the anniversary in a number of ways. Celebrations included historical presentations, health courses, poetry readings and national television programs. During one event, Slovenia’s oldest Adventist minister, 85-year-old Mihael Vritic, recalled God’s leading as the church first took root. Nearly 550 Adventists worship in 13 churches in Slovenia.

SOURCE: Adventist News Network

North Korea

Aid Agency Ships Food

Nearly 900,000 North Koreans are suffering from food shortages. As a result, the U.S. humanitarian agency, USAID, shipped more than 55,000 pounds of food to the area. Five humanitarian agencies, including three Christian groups, will distribute the food in North Korea. Severe flooding and rising global prices for rice and maize have contributed to the shortage.



Christians Flee Mosul Amid Violence

During October, more than 15,000 Iraqi Christians were driven out of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. During recent attacks, at least 13 Christians were killed and three homes bombed. It is unclear who is behind the attacks. Mosul is believed to be the last urban stronghold of Al-Qaeda. At least one member of the Iraqi parliament has accused the Kurds of organizing a campaign to shift the demographic balance in Mosul by driving Christians out. The World Council of Churches and International Christian Concern have called for a stop to the persecution of Christians in Mosul.



ADRA Provides Relief Following Floods

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is responding to heavy flooding that is affecting nearly 5 million people in northeastern India. ADRA is distributing emergency kits, containing food and nutrition items for the flood’s most vulnerable survivors. In addition, ADRA is working to provide supplies and services for families located in government-run camps, some of which face overcrowding.

SOURCE: Adventist News Network


Volunteers Feed Nearly 1 Million

In a single afternoon, volunteers throughout the Inter-American Division provided meals for nearly 1 million people in need. The event was organized to reflect the United Nation’s World Hunger Day. Donations of less than $2 from nearly 1 million church members helped fund the project. In addition to the free meal, volunteers also offered access to shower facilities, haircuts and medical attention.

SOURCE: Adventist News Network

December 01, 2008 / World Church