UCA Students Participate in Dedication Weekend

The first Sabbath of the school year marked a special dedication weekend at Upper Columbia Academy. On Friday, students and staff participated in an Agape feast hosted by the Associated Student Body.

Ken Wetmore, UCA Church pastor, read passages from the New Testament where Jesus washed His disciples' feet. He explained that washing another's feet is a gesture of humility and Christ-like servitude. This is the attitude the faculty at UCA wish to have as they serve and guide the students. To demonstrate this attitude, the faculty washed the ASB officers' feet, and then ASB and faculty washed the feet of all 272 students.

Next, staff and students participated in a communion service. Students were invited to write anything they wanted to give to God on slips of paper and drop them in a glass bowl resting on a table in the shadows of three crosses. At the close of the service, a lit match was dropped into the bowl. The paper was instantly incinerated. When Wetmore held the bowl up to the light, it shone sparkling clean without even a trace of ash.

Sabbath School was organized by IGNITE, UCA's student-led ministries team. During the worship service, Wetmore used a candle as an illustration of how God ignites us so we can ignite others. UCA staff members were called forward, and each lit a candle and placed it on the table, again demonstrating their dedication to leading students into a deeper relationship with Christ. Students were called up next to light a candle and receive a Bible in which was printed the student's name and the words, "Presented by your UCA family."

The purpose of the dedication weekend was to set the tone for the whole year. UCA is a place to grow: intellectually, socially, and, most importantly, spiritually. The staff at UCA not only teaches, but guides and mentors. UCA is more than a collection of students and staff; it is a family striving together to ignite, not only their campus, but their community for Christ.

November 01, 2008 / Upper Columbia Conference