Timberline School Raises a New Flag

When Nadine Messer, head teacher at Timberline Adventist Elementary School near Vale, Ore., noticed the school's outdoor flag was faded and worn, she presented the need to the Vale Church. The Thelma Clark family of Vale responded by contributing a new flag to replace the old one. Messer then coordinated with Gino Silva, post commander at the American Legion Vale Post No. 96, to plan a dedication ceremony.

On Tuesday, Sept. 9, five veterans marched toward the flagpole. Students and staff lined up outside for the ceremony. Silva talked about the honor of flying our nation's flag. Zachary Hicks and Cody Davis, students, assisted Silva in lowering the flag, folding it and raising the new flag. John Schaffeld, John Recla, Don Wolfe and Larry Mendiola, veterans, gave a rifle salute using World War II rifles.

Silva then presented the school with a booklet on flag etiquette. Students and staff visited with the veterans and even requested autographs.

November 01, 2008 / Idaho Conference