Rescue Helicopter Joins Alaska Outdoor School

As a rescue helicopter approached Camp Tukuskoya near Wasilla, Alaska, students, who were learning first aid techniques, ran to observe the unexpected landing. Chad Bigelow, first aid instructor of Anchorage, Alaska, had secretly arranged for a crew from Life Guard Alaska to fly into the camp just 25 air-miles from Providence Hospital in Anchorage. Earlier, students were taught to prepare for helicopter rescue by preparing and marking the landing area.

Students from Alaskan towns like Fairbanks joined students in grades 4–10 from Anchorage and Palmer at Camp Tukuskoya for Outdoor School Sept. 17–19. More than 40 students, teachers and parents enjoyed a curriculum which included first aid, wilderness/cold-weather survival skills like building a shelter and starting a fire, and other activities. Worships used a variety of object lessons to point students to Jesus as the answer to life's dilemmas. Ruth Farnsworth, Anchorage Junior Academy principal and event organizer, says the event was well worth the effort.

Camp Tukuskoya is located 25 miles northeast of Anchorage. However, it takes 70 road-miles to reach the closest drivable point. In the summer it is only accessible by boat or helicopter. During the winter, it is accessible by plowing a five-mile road across three lakes.

November 01, 2008 / Alaska Conference