Green Lake Launches Fine Arts Ministry

The Green Lake Church launched The Green Lake Academy of Fine Arts with a five-day music camp in August.

More than 40 children, ages 5–15, participated in an array of classes including violin, cello, piano, organ, harpsichord, drums/percussion, bells, chimes, and guitar, as well as improvisation, art, and digital music and recording.

Professional artists from the church and community spent the week teaching and helping the young people prepare music, art and drama for a special Sabbath service and afternoon program.

During the camp, students climbed through the chambers of the church pipe organ to learn how the instrument works, and took a field trip to St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle, Wash., to hear the famous Flentrop pipe organ.

The Green Lake Church has long supported the arts as an important part of worship and ministry. Over the past four years, church member Roy Naden has developed a youth orchestra, which has around 20 members under the direction of Alex Gagiu, conductor.

The Green Lake Academy of Fine Arts is already working on plans for a music camp next summer and a yearlong after-school curriculum offering music and art training for under-privileged children in the community.

November 01, 2008 / Washington Conference