Uninvited Cyclist Enriches Classroom Lesson

Nickie Linder, Juneau Adventist Christian School teacher, found a surprise at school recently: Gary Findlay, world cyclist, was camped in a tent next to the door in the breezeway of the school, trying to stay dry from the rain while waiting for his ferry that evening.

"Recognizing an incredible teachable moment, we hastily rearranged our class schedule," comments Linder. "Right after worship we launched social studies, with our map study covering the globe, as Findlay described his adventures over the last 14 years."

Findlay, a successful engineer from England, sold everything 14 years ago and began his travels. His trips have taken him from British Columbia to Baja Mexico, down Central America to the southernmost tip at Cape Horn, through Europe, Nepal and India.

His scariest trip with animals was from South Africa up through the eastern countries of Africa, where he was chased by an angry bull elephant. He was so close he could have swatted the elephant's trunk! On another occasion, Findlay literally rubbed noses with a lion through a fence.

"Mr. Findlay promised to send us an e-mail and some pictures from time to time when he reaches a place where he can do so," reports Linder. "He left us with a sense of possibilities and appreciation for hard work, perseverance, other cultures and countries, as well as God's creatures."

October 01, 2008 / Alaska Conference