October 01, 2008 | Danielle Schull

At Upper Columbia Academy, seven students have stepped forward to ignite the campus for Christ. It began with Saul Dominguez, UCA senior. While on a mission trip to Guatemala this spring, Dominguez, then a junior, was convicted to dedicate his senior year to God and leading others to Him. He shared his conviction with his friend, Logan Villarreal, also a junior. The two of them organized a student-led youth ministries team called IGNITE (In God Nothing Is Too Extreme). From two, the team grew to seven students dedicated to inspiring and upholding a vibrant spiritual atmosphere at UCA.

As the 2007–2008 school year ended and the IGNITE members scattered to their respective homes across Washington, they continued to keep in close contact, meeting several times over the summer.

The summer wrapped up, and three IGNITE members returned to UCA early to meet with staff to outline their mission and ask for the staff’s support and advice. As one of the IGNITE members says, “When young people and their energy unite with adults and their experience, it creates a spiritual atom bomb that sends Satan running.” The staff eagerly agreed to support IGNITE’s vision, offering their time and resources.

IGNITE’s mission is to first reach in, to ignite and unite the UCA campus in Christ, so that they may then reach out to the surrounding community. Their plan is to organize and lead several outreach projects. These projects will culminate with a spring youth rally in Spokane, Wash.