New Staff Join Buena Vista Elementary

The face of Buena Vista Elementary School’s teaching staff changed drastically this year.

Veteran educators Marjorie Lyman (second grade), Roger Hinshaw (sixth grade) and Sue Duncan (office manager) retired from teaching at Buena Vista after 26, 29, and 20-plus years of service, respectively.

In addition, two teachers, Scott Spies (eighth grade) and Stephanie Cooper (sixth–seventh grade) transitioned out and an increase of students were anticipated in grades three and four.

“We’ve had a very consistent staff,” says Ron Trautwein, principal, “so the school hasn’t faced this type of transition before. I chose to look at this as an exciting time to bring in fresh ideas and maintain the values Buena Vista stands for.”

The school board set to work to fill six teaching and staff positions—an unprecedented number of positions representing approximately half of the school’s educators.

New to Buena Vista’s team are Sherri Thomas (second grade), Melissa Clifford (third–fourth grade), Jennifer McGhee (sixth grade), Jeff Martella (seventh–eighth grade), Connie Mitzelfelt (eighth grade) and Claira Hockenson (office manager).

For a school characterized by longevity and consistency of teaching staff, the faces of educators may be new, but the high quality of education continues for the Auburn, Wash., student body of 224 students in grades K–8.

October 01, 2008 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella, Washington Conference associate communication director