New Member Finds Freedom in Christ

Duane McGuire, who found freedom in Christ when he was incarcerated for 18 months, was baptized by Bob Uhrig, pastor, at the conclusion of the Gladstone Park Church worship service July 5.

Mel McGuire, Duane's brother and local church elder, says, "His decision to be baptized was exciting to me as I witnessed the ceremony. It revealed a person who is determined to serve the Lord."

Uhrig says "I was there when Duane was arrested in Estacada back in 2006. I received letters from him that inspired me as I learned of the way the Holy Spirit was working in his life." At this time he studied and completed Doug Bachelor's 12-step Amazing Facts Bible studies.

Then he was transferred to Powder River Correctional Facility in Baker City, Ore., a treatment center for inmates incarcerated for hard drugs and alcohol. While there, he met Marvin Sundean, a local Adventist elder involved in prison ministry. He says, "McQuire attended Sabbath School and church services for the inmates and made his decision to follow Christ all the way and prepare for baptism."

After being released from prison this year, McQuire has been training for employment, and volunteering at Portland Adventist Community Services. He received his GED in April.

October 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference