Gladstone Park Church Conducts Castles and Crowns VBS

The Vacation Bible School program, Castles and Crowns, was held in the Gladstone Park Church the last full week of June. Belinda Reynolds, VBS leader, says, "The children learned about the character of God through Bible kings and queens. There were 25–28 volunteers who helped daily and attendance averaged 25–30 children.

"There was an opening and closing program called Kings Court. Here at the [closing], a skit where volunteers dressed as a king, queen and court jester really made the children laugh."

Connie Durbin, assistant leader, says, "Of the four activity stations, two were crafts. One was called Scripture Chronicles, where along with a craft, children were told Bible stories, and the other, Old Art Shoppe, was a station where children made Bible covers.

"At Banquet Hall, children were given samples of food cooked by a volunteer and at Tournament [games], children were pitted against their leaders in a tug-of-war game."

On Sabbath the 28th, the children conducted the worship service where they got to perform songs, recite memory verses, and tell the congregation what they learned about the kings and queens of the Bible.

October 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference