Auburn Adventist Academy Fills to Capacity

Auburn Adventist Academy began a new year school with an increase in enrollment from 297 students to a brimming 320 students. With every chair filled, AAA is praising the Lord for a growing school family.

"I am excited beyond belief to have an increase of enrollment in the economic times of today," says Keith Hallam, AAA principal. "I am also overwhelmed by the determination of parents to place their children in a safe, Christ-centered environment." It is through the generosity and financial support of church members, friends and family that so many are able to come to the academy.

With so many new students at AAA, many new friendships are blossoming. "I have enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people this school year," says senior student Amy Alderman of Enumclaw, Wash. "It's been fun to meet people from all over the world."

As students stream across the green lawns of campus, an ever-present desire to fulfill AAA's statement of mission fills the hearts of the faculty and staff. "It is our desire that students would see Jesus Christ in our hearts," says Hallam, "so that by our example, their lives would be forever different."

As the school year continues, Auburn Academy solicits your prayers as it strives to help each young person to be of Christ convicted, to Christ committed, and for Christ compelled.

October 01, 2008 / Washington Conference