Young People Spread Gospel In Silverton and Beyond

The Silverton Church wants to recognize a group of young people who, under the banner of Oregon Youth Challenge, planted “apple seeds” in Silverton and surrounding areas for a whole week. No, not on a neighboring farm or orchard, but right here.

As Brian Stone put it in his mini-sermon to the Silverton congregation on July 12, spreading the gospel through the distribution of literature reminded him of the famous story of “Johnny Apple Seed” who planted apple seeds over a vast area of the United States. In time they grew into large orchards.

Similarly, it was the hope of the 14 young literature-evangelists who went door to door that their labors would produce an abundant harvest—not only in the lives of others, but in their own. As Stone puts it, at first it definitely took him out of his comfort zone, but “God uses these experiences to help me grow. My goals and outlook on life have changed.”

Sarah Partmenn, from Coos Bay, has spent four summers knocking on doors. She enjoys seeing lives change through prayerful ministry. "Many people are experiencing major problems and a prayer —even by a stranger—brings encouragement to them," she says.

September 01, 2008 / Oregon Conference