Sequim Builds Relationships Through Community Service

The Sequim Adventist Community Services has been a light to the city of Sequim for many decades. In its early days, excess clothing was sent to Adventist Development and Relief Agency via a conference truck, and the amount of food in stock was limited.

When an accident put the conference truck out of commission, Iris Stober, ACS director, decided they would have to change the course of the ministry. Stober decided to give the clothing to whoever came and to stock more food so they could serve more clients.

Since this decision, the church has learned the meaning of community as they build a network where the common goal is serving those in need. For example, Northwest Harvest provides 1 ton of goods to the Sequim Church's program every month. A local organic farm donates 150 to 300 pounds of fresh vegetables each week. St. Vincent's brings bread each week, as well as referrals. An inter-denominational aid organization refers people needing clothes and food. Goodwill accepts excess clothing. Citizens donate small household goods like appliances, fabrics and toys.

Each week, 12 to 15 volunteers greet and help nearly 60 to 70 clients. This ministry even led to the church's most recent baptism. By serving the community, the Sequim Church has learned even more about what being a part of a community means.

September 01, 2008 / Washington Conference